Looking For A Dog Friendly Apartments Near Oak Brook IL?

Pet Friendly Apartments & Amenities!

If you are looking for pet friendly apartments in Chicago with convenient access to the city's downtown area and O'Hare airport, look no further than Grays Pointe Apartments. If you have a pet, they are also welcome. Pet owners know how hard it is to find good dog-friendly apartments in big cities. Don't forget that these are garden apartments; there's a lot of nature to admire when you walk your dog!

If apartments with a patio, gym, air conditioning, and tennis courts are what you are looking for, then Grays Pointe Apartments is the place for you! You also get the opportunity to bond with nature in the city. If you are in the mood for some physical activity, you have many options. Schedule a tour today to get a glimpse into the Grays Pointe Apartments lifestyle!

Advantages of Living in A Pet-Friendly Apartment

Pets such as dogs are great companions, and whether you like it or not, some people will connect more with pets and other animals than they do with other people. Don't pet-owners deserve proper housing too? Of course they do, and the Grays Pointe Apartments management understands that, hence the accommodative pet policy.

There are many advantages of living in a pet-friendly environment. If you love pets, you are free to explore the property's natural setting and bond with your pet at a small cost. Grays Pointe Apartments pet policy allows renters to keep a maximum of two pets for a one-time pet fee of $300 and $10 per month, for both cats and dogs. Only dogs with a maximum weight of 55lbs are allowed. No aggressive breeds are allowed, though.

Schedule a tour today! We would love to show you what the Grays Pointe Apartments is all about - all are welcome.